Federation of OTE Employees (OME-OTE)

This is the official site of the Federation of OTE Employees (OME-OTE).

OME-OTE was founded in 1982 by an initiative of local unions of OTE workers/employees. During the previous years, there was another labor union, serving the purpose of a Federation of local unions and promoting a common course of action for all the local unions.

The first President and the first General Secretary of the Federation of OTE Employees were not the result of an election. The first elections for OME-OTE took place in 1983, and the employees voted the first elected administration. Since then, OME-OTE became one of the most successful labor unions under the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE).

Through its struggle, OME-OTE achieved substantial results and contributed to resolving important labor issues in general.

Today, 30 years after its establishment, in a radical changing environment, the Federation is moving forward uniting the employees and advancing its goals which remain unchanged; the protection and improvement of its members-employees regarding their financial, labor and social security matters.

 You can find us at:

PHONE:  2103302121-4
FAX:       2103302125
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